A cooperative game where the players control there model survivor against hordes of zombies. Try to complete missions and find more and better weapons and equipment as they try to survive the mission.

No one controls the zombies as the rules tell you when the zombies arrive. The zombies are controlled by the game itself.

The game gives you a real feeling of survival in a zombie apocalypse. But the longer the game goes on the more zombies gang up to feed on you!


When playing the people I play with take it in turns to read zombie cards that tell you how many zombies turn up, and to move the models. Zombies always move towards the nearest survivor they can see and also actions you make noise, so zombies also move to noise, so shhhhhh.


Cards and tokens help you with everything with the game.

You play the game on gaming tiles that are double sided to give you plenty of change.

The game rules are very easy to learn and the box is packed full of the goodies you need.

I can highly recommend this board game as a must.

In the box you get:-

9 double side gaming tiles

6 Survivors models

40 walker zombies, these are the bog standard slow zombies

16 runners, yes these guys run full speed at you

8 fatties, these are big slow and hard to kill baddies

1 abomination, oh my god, hope you never come across this…….beast.

4 car tokens

6 zombies spawn tokens; this shows you where the zombies enter the game, so keep away from this.

6 dice, six sided

1 exit token, you must get to this to survive the game.

110 mini cards

6 survivor identity cards, to keep track of what equipment and upgrades you get

10 objective tokens

18 noise tokens

12 door tokens

24 skill counters

6 experience trackers.


Wow, well that is all the stuff you get in the box. So go on and give this game a go, its ace.


All the best



Below are some pictures of the contents from the table top board game ZOMBICIDE