Welcome Bolt Action


Bolt Action is a WW2 game that is at the moment my favourate game. the rules are easy to pick up and the best thing i find is the way the turn plays. first off for every unit you have and this could be a group of models or a single one, you have an order dice for it. lets say you and your opponent have 10 units each, and so you get 10 order dice each. At the start of a turn you both put your dice in a bag and take it in turns to pick one out, so say you had 10 red dice, each time a red is pulled you can active a unit. The orders you can give a unit is only one per turn of the following, advance,fire,run,ambush,rally and down.

Any way check out my pictures. I have two large armys that are made up of two forces. So my German army is made up of Waffen ss and Paratroops. And my USA army is Rangers and Paratroops.




Here is my quick painting for Bolt Action


As I have said before I always look at painting my models quickly, but still have them looking good on the table.

Yes I am also impatient and can not spend hours just doing one model, unless it is a main character.

So here is a model I have done from my new Bolt action ww2 game. The German soilder has been done quickly, and If I was doing a group of 5 to 10 by the time the first colour had been done it would be dry when I had done the last model in the group.

So if you are new to painting please give it a go, and let me now haw you got on.