Welcome to Infinity


Infinity is a scurmish 28mm game that can be played with three or more models per side. The rules for this game are free to download from Infinitys webb page HERE.

It is a sort of sci-fi manga style setting, that sees coorprate gaints on Earth fighting an unofictal war, for resorces and terratours off on other worlds. The background and settings are very indepth and made for good gaming.

In game each model you have gives you an order counter, that lets you use to compleat actions. the best thing is that if you have six models you could use two orders on one model, and four on an other model, but none on the rest. but in your opponents turn if one of his models coming into veiw of one of yours you and take a shoot at him, so you need to look at where you move your models, or you can place a model to give covering fire to a certian area.


I now have four small armys on the go, two of them are from the two player starter set Operation Icestorm. So here are some pictures. All are near finished, so I am always ready for a game.