Welcome to my 40k page


Welcome to my Warhammer 40K page..................... I must confess that I have not played 40K for a long time, due to playing other game systems. But with the new Games Workshop HORUS HERESY BETRAYAL OF CALTH, a board game set in this time, and has lots of muti part models. I seen this as a new way start, not 40K but 30K and the great crusade and Horus Heresy. As with a lot of other players of 40K, the Horus Heresy has been a little out of reach, due to the pricing of the Fordge World range. Please do not get me wrong about range as the price does in my mind match the high detail models Fordge World make. But with this box game you get a fantastic start in to the 30k eara, as you can play the board game (that works and plays realy good) or use all the models to start a new 30k army. I have decided to make an Imperial Fist army with a allied World Eater force, for use in crusade games.

Here is my quick painting for my World Eater Legion Praetor

Picture 1, all set up and ready to go. Picture 2, I have done the main base colour of Vallejo Dead white. Picture 3, vallejo ultramarine blue and GW leadbelcher and Vallejo dwarf flesh. picture 4, GW nuln oil all over. And last is Vallejo Teracotter with dead white added for highlight.