Welcome to my Warhammer Age Of Sigmar page.


Well this was my Warhammer page but as you are all aware, the old Warhammer is gone. But it has been compleatly replaced with Games Workshops new game WARHAMMER AGE OF SIGMAR.


I must start by saying i think this looks like one of the best games to come from Games Workshop! a few very big things about this is that the rule set is only four pages long and...............................ITS FREE!! also you can still use your old Warhammer armys, but with new army books renamed WARSCROLLS, and again they are all..........FREE!!! and that is for all the old armys.


You can get all this from Games Workshops main site.


Also when making your army there are NO point values, so you free to make the army how you would like it, and with the models you want, without worrying about if you have the points or, if you have the room in the build up chart.

This could leed to making a stupid army with just the biggest and best models, so have a chat with your mates about what game your are having and make it fun.

Also as you can imagine there is a lot of controversy about this.


So without me going on to much, here are some pics of our first game.