Welcome to New World Models my hobby site.


My name is Mark and I have been into the hobby of modeling since around the age of 9. I started with the old plastic soldiers and was then introduced to making model airplanes and tanks by my older brother.


Like a lot of people around my age now (middle 40's) back then had toy soldiers made by Airfix, and I would spend hours making, painting (and breaking) my models.


I loved collecting armies of the Second World War, and over a number of years collected two armies, the allies which consisted of British, American and a German armies. Each army comprised of over 1,000 toy soldiers, all at 1:72 scale, and I would force my younger cousin to play 'bang bang your man is dead' games for hours or days. Back then I had never heard of any rules for playing wargames.


I grew out of playing toy soldiers in my teens, until around 20 years ago I came across a magazine called White Dwarf, instantly falling in love with all the sci-fi models from a box set game called Epic 40,000. There was even a thing called a rule book! and that was it, I was hooked on table top wargaming and have covered all types of games from all eras past, present and future.


So without playing games as much these days I decided to set up New World Models to share with you all what I get up to with my hobby, and to may be help out a few others.


I have just started to write a 28mm american civil war war gaming rule set, that is the start of meny rule sets I will be writing with my new company NEW WORLD GAMES. I will still keep this as an overall hobby site for any one wishing to follow me here, and I would also like to thank all of you who have been here and backing my with some very nice emails. I would hope you will join me with help and advice about my new venture in to rule book writing.



The book will be called THE BLUE AND THE GREY.




Thank you for your time and I hope to here from you soon.



Look for me on Twitter @newworldmodels1

and @newworldgames12


Thank you